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mobile sandblasting unitAt Mountain Media Blasting we are fortunate enough to be able to deploy our equipment to many types of sandblasting projects. This ability keeps the work interesting and provides amazing opportunities both with our staff to continually grow with our company and an ever-changing, ever evolving worksite. From removing stain from old wood, home restoration, to removing rust from steel, our ability to work as a mobile sandblasting company provides work opportunities in all sectors. Our professional company and staff structure with MMB will be evident from the time you first pick up the phone until our final punch sheet has been handed in, and the job has been signed off on by both parties.

When entities such as the Marine industry call on Mountain Media, our ability to come to the dry dock and deploy our mobile blasting services can be vital in saving time and money. Most shipyard blasting projects we come in contact with require the media to be contained and only the antifouling layer of paint to be removed. Wet or Dustless Blasting is always used in these circumstances. The media is damp and falls to the ground and the water vapors disintegrate into the air, making no environmental hazards to the water or other surrounding areas. At the same time, wet blasting is less harsh on surfaces where the fiberglass hull and its gel coat must not be damaged in any way. When sandblasting or media blasting, often times the issues we face are not the quickness in which the job is done but the requirements of the client and the guidelines set in place due to the location.

Sandblasting is often preferred to be shot dry when possible on steel, or when doing rust remediation projects. When you blast steel with water, flash rust can appear within minutes if an additive is not added to the water being shot. This additive is not cheap and the surface will need to be coated with a primer within 24-48 hours. When possible, our mobile blasting team will blast these surfaces dry to cut down on these timelines and costs. We, however, always recommend still applying a protective coat as soon as possible on any surface that you are refinishing. Dry blasting is also used when any kind of wood is involved in a sandblasting project. Water penetration to a wood’s surface is detrimental to the life of the wood. When blasting a log home, any water content left behind or stained over prematurely can create wood rot and multiply the issues the home may also be facing.

As you can see, there are many ways to deploy sandblasting/media blasting. From homes to offshore giants, the industry is filled with exciting challenges in an ever evolving workplace. One thing stands true, you must constantly evolve and educate. At MMB, our commitment to facing these challenges and educating our staff and leadership will never falter. If you are looking for a professional solution to your blasting needs, look no farther.

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Past Projects

Historical Renovation Project in Hagerstown MD

This building was once used as an aircraft manufacturing facility for WW2 planes. After several companies passed in and out of operation at this location it was left to sit for many years, resulting in deterioration of the exterior and interior of the site. MMB was called in to blast away years of paint and wear to expose the brick that was laid over a half century ago. Deploying Dustless Blasting, the exterior was returned to its original condition, saving the project manager time and money vs traditional blasting that would have required large containment within city limits.

Removing Efflorescence from Block Retaining Walls

Efflorescence are salt deposits typically found on concrete, brick, block or stucco that form when water is present and dries. These deposits are not only unsightly but very difficult to remove without using harsh chemicals. In this job, we used our abrasive blasting machine to clean almost 3000 sq ft of retaining wall. All was done with environmentally-friendly crushed glass and water, plain and simple.

Restoring Fleet Trucks

Machines and fleet vehicles are the heartbeat of many contractors’ day-to-day operations, so keeping them in optimal operating performance is key. From skid steers and excavators to dozers and dump trucks, our crews are able to strip rust away and stop it in its tracks. Next, our resurfacing team will follow up with the latest in paint technology to protect these investments for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cost of Sandblasting
How does it work?

Our blasting machines can operate both dry and while utilizing dustless blasting technology. Depending on the job, we will choose one of these methods that best suits the nature of the project.

Wet Blasting – In this type of media blasting, water is added in with the media to cut down on the dust created in the blasting process. Typical applications for this are in high traffic areas such as buildings or marine applications where containment is vital. This process is sometimes also referred to in the industry as Dustless Blasting.

Dry Blasting – When dry sandblasting or media blasting is applied to a project, more stringent measures are taken to contain the blast. Projects such as log homes, where water is the enemy to the surface being treated, call for this type of sandblasting.

What industries benefit from sandblasting?

Marine, Automotive, Sanitary, Public Works, Renewable Energy, Construction, Agriculture, and so many more. If corrosion of high cost key components to your company is possible, sandblasting or media blasting is a solution to end it and refinishing is the path to future protection.

After sandblasting, who can coat my components?

Mountain Media Blasting’s refinishing department is certified and educated on all methods of refinishing. Antifouling coats in the marine industry and 3 part epoxy paints on equipment and everything in between, our paint partners have solutions to meet your specific needs. Our applicators are armed with the latest in painting technology and are always searching for new ways and methods to increase the longevity of our projects.