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Description of Services

Media Blasting Logs and Siding

log home restoration This process is utilized when the stain of the log home has failed, resulting in gray weathering or the beginning signs of wood decay beginning to surface. We remove the top layer of wood by blasting a mix of crushed glass and garnet, revealing the like-new wood beneath. The media blasting can also be deployed when a homeowner is ready for a lighter or more drastic color finish than is currently on their home.

Log Home Chinking

Chinking is the process of filling cracks in between the logs of a cabin. Chinking involves first installing a product’s called Backer Rod. Backer Rod is essentially small strips of foam that fill these cracks and checks in the wood. After, we will apply the chinking itself. That is an acrylic sealant that is flexible and adheres to logs throughout the movement of the logs during the seasons.

Home Sealing

A sealed home is not only a warm one but an energy – efficient one. Our staff can use thermal tools to identify areas of your home that may be losing heat or that are not correctly sealed when building the home itself. Our team is deployed with the best in technology as well as flexible sealants for this to ensure your energy savings start today.

Log Cabin Stain

Wood Staining

Log Home Staining is absolutely critical in the care of your home. Most suppliers and stain providers recommend a coat of stain every 3-4 years. Staying ahead of this will not only save the log homeowner from expensive repairs to the logs but preserve the appearance and the natural finish of these beautiful homes. MMB has teamed up with the best names in the industry, such as Prema-Chink, Sashco, and PPG to name a few, to offer hundreds of color variations as well as price levels of stain to meet any project needs.

Sanding and Log repair

If your log home has been media blasted or some small failures have been found, our sanding and repair team will be deployed. Your logs will be sanded down to a fine finish as any large cracks or failing logs are addressed. We have the ability to replace and match all log options on houses and this efficient team will catch any and all problem areas before they worsen.

Scheduled Log Maintenance

Our proven scheduled Log Maintenance programs begin the day we leave your house, upon completion of our first job. Our team will provide you with a check-up date free of charge to check the finish of the house and stay on top of the next scheduled staining to ensure it is done in the recommended timeframe. We will also offer up add-ons such as Log Wash (spring and summer) that will remove dirt and grime and help prolong the life of your stain, saving you time and money. Great additional items offered range from gutter cleans, window washing, and patio pressure washing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

refinished logs and log home chinking
How can I protect my Log Cabin against wood boring insects?

Mountain Media Blasting always mixes an anti-boring insect additive into its stain applications. If your house is brand new or the logs have been blasted, we will use a product called Shell Guard before we stain, and this product will protect for the life of your home as long as the stain is properly maintained!

Is media blasting environmentally safe and friendly?

During our Log Home Renovation we used a recycled crushed glass compound from Tru Abrasives. Finer than sand, this product is easy to clean up and provides no risk to animals or humans!

Why choose to purchase a log home?

Log Home Purchases can be generational investments. Proper care and maintenance will provide you with an amazing real estate asset for generations to come.

My log home's stain is too dark after many applications, is there a way to lighten it up?

Yes! The best step here is to blast all the existing stain off the exterior of the home and start fresh with light vibrant logs.

Log Maintenance Services Near Me

We have crews working on a regular basis at the below locations, surrounding areas, and will travel.

Deep Creek, MD

Seven Springs, PA

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The MMB Difference

Our Full Maintenance Packages

By creating a lasting relationship with our clients, we provide a full schedule of care tailored to the homeowner. The plans created consist of a staining schedule to reduce future costs and ensure a solid layer of protection for the exterior of your cabin as well as spring and fall cleanings.

One-On-One Project Consults

This includes a full inspection by one of our Project Managers that will point out any trouble spots and any recommendations for the homeowner. Our in-house designer will then create a plan for colors and show you tons of stain options from our partners like Perma-Chink, Sashco, and PPG. Once a plan has been settled, our bid team will crunch the numbers and have you a bid within 5 working days. Our process turns every leaf possible and makes the homeowner relax by knowing they are in the professional hands of a capable team.

3 Checkups and Reviews Per Job

First day on the site, your project’s PM will walk around the entire site with you or your property manager. You will discuss any details important to you and make a solid plan to accommodate these needs. Once we are about 50% through your project, another inspection will be done and note any existing changes or variations and make sure you are satisfied with the work to this point. Finally, upon completion, we will conduct our last walk around and check everything off our pack out checklist. This ensures the client is completely satisfied with the job before we leave the site.