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The Mountain Media Blasting team’s abilities cover many scopes of work and projects, however in order to give our clients the best quality of work has divided its scope into three direct factions. These three include commercial projects, municipal offerings, and the residential home market. By doubling down and narrowing our focus, we can serve our clientele more efficiently than spreading our resources over too many tasks.

What We Do


Commercial media/sand blasting, pressure washing, etc.


Paint line removal, fire hydrant refinishing, etc.


Log home and log cabin refinishing, restoration, and maintenance.

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Serving All of Your Blasting Needs

Commercial Media Blasting

Commercial projects from MMB focus highly on the renewable energy sector. With such an up and coming industry, the need for industrial cleaning is always prevalent. From cleaning and resurfacing windmill components to contracting solar panel maintenance work, MMB can step up and provide OSHA certified teams of professionals to fill these openings. One of our most recent projects in 2021 was the Pinnacle Wind Farm in Keyser, WV. Here we teamed up with giants of the industry such as Siemens Gamesa and Reid & Reid to provide clean inspected components. Beating expectations, repeatedly meeting strict deadlines, and working hand in hand with PM’s and GC’s, make jobs like this a continued success story for our company.

commercial paint removal

Municipal Media Blasting

Municipal dump truck refinishing

In the municipal sector, Mountain Media has become a beacon of resource saving as well as a monetary saving option for these districts. MMB is constantly searching for and creating new partnerships in counties and townships. Services provided have a wide range from Fleet Upkeep, Fire Hydrant Refinishing, Graffiti Removal, and Historic Building Renovation. Taking care of our local highways and byways can take a huge toll on equipment relied on by these areas. Having MMB as a resource for salt damage removal, dump truck bed refinishing, and equipment rust removal can be a vital lifeline for a township to have in their pocket. One of our most well-known services is fire hydrant refinishing. As replacement and install costs can be near the 4,500 dollar mark, having the ability to refinish them for a third of the cost can save counties hundreds of thousands that can be allocated to more important projects. Graffiti removal and historic building renovations can also utilize our services in a pinch or over a long project timeline. Our mobile sandblasting units can visit any unsightly wall markings or large graffiti areas and quickly address these issues. Historic renovation and cleaning up your city simply adds value to real estate as well as provides a clean, inviting space to entice new companies to move in.

Residential Media Blasting

Mountain Media Blasting’s residential sector is solely focused on log cabin refinishing. Our Log Cabin team is highly skilled in log stripping, sanding, caulking/chinking, sealing, and staining. Our design/bid pro will come sit down with you and discuss what signs your house is showing, offer recommendations for the scope of work, and listen to the goals you have for your home or favorite vacation destination. Our current lead, Lauren Battaglia has been in custom home design finishes for over 10 years and can provide a unique designer’s point of view such as colors and accents that can truly set off your cabin and increase the value. The work is detailed and precise, we are not here to underbid other companies in the area. We are simply here to provide the best white glove service that your investment deserves. Our Log Cabin work is primarily focused at Deep Creek Lake in Western MD. We have, however, serviced cabins in West Virginia as well as the Seven Springs Resort area in Pennsylvania.

refinished logs and log home chinking

Log Maintenance Services

We have crews working on a regular basis at the below locations, surrounding areas, and will travel.

Deep Creek, MD

Seven Springs, PA