Municipal Media Blasting Services

Description of Services

In today’s high-paced world of public works, budgeting, and degrading infrastructure, counties are often looking for reasonable solutions to larger-than-life problems. Rust removal from tanks and bridges as well as keeping fire hydrants painted and in code are just a couple of the many things media blasting can assist with.  

Municipalities must first be comfortable with the safety and structure of the company they work with. MMB is proud to have all its employees certified with a minimum of an OSHA 10 qualification, while supervisors are required to keep an OSHA 30. Safety is vital in any job. Trust a company that has all the safeguards in place. 

In addition to the safety qualifications, we also hold several C-7 Blasting permits, a nationally recognized standard for media blasters everywhere. CAS certifications through the SSPC enable us to provide various levels of industrial coatings and linings. Mountain Media Blasting is up to date with as well as carrying a Duns and Bradstreet number. These current government and state level identifiers make it easy to do due diligence when choosing from a list of candidates for your next project. Mountain Media is committed to expanding its knowledge of the industry, reinvesting in the education of our employees is always a priority.  

Public works projects provide specific hurdles in both budgeting and appeasing the citizens in your area. Our staff of estimators will provide bids that are competitive to help save your yearly budget, while not sacrificing the quality of work. Residential and Municipal sandblasting containment is vital to ensuring public safety as well as cleanliness. Mountain Media Blasting has the capability to provide total dustless blasting. This process involves blasting a media such as recycled glass along with water. The process suppresses dust created by traditional sandblasting, enabling us to do many projects with minimal containment. When full containment is required, MMB relies on personal as well as subcontracted professional partners for scaffolding and containment walls.  This is yet another great cost saver associated with our company. 

Another Municipal Division that could benefit from Mountain Media Blasting is the county and state roads division. De-icing salt in our location is a necessary evil. Plow trucks, and other large equipment can be brought in during the off season for rust removal. After abrasive blasting, MMB works with partners such as PPG to provide the most durable surface coatings to weather the elements.

Graffiti removal and municipal water service tanks can be quick and easy to clean up through sandblasting. Harsh chemicals and man hours will be saved by going with our dustless blasting system. In large containment tanks, years of mold and other wear and tear of sitting water can be removed in mere seconds. Fire Hydrants refinishing can be dustless blasted with minimal containment. Our crews are also used to meeting tight deadlines for empty tanks and projects that require specific timing. This ensures regular use can resume on schedule and on time. Mixtures of soda, glass, biodegradable walnut and sponge can all be blasted depending on what your application requires.  

Municipal Media Blasting, combined with the proper re-coating of any number of these projects, will increase the longevity of the infrastructure we all count on. Mountain Media Blasting is always looking for new avenues and reinvesting in the training of its employees. This enables us to constantly learn and evolve in an ever-changing world. So, when the municipality or state is faced with a job vital to its operation, you know who to lean on. Mountain Media Blasting is always ready to bid and prove to you the standards we hold company wide.

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