How to Clean a Log Home

May 2, 2022

If mold, mildew or tannin bleeding is present, our recommendation is not to reach for the bleach. It takes time to become proficient with bleach applications, and many times, uneven or improper applications result in long – term discoloration. Instead, search for log-specific products like CPR from Sashco or Wood Renew from Perma Chink. Following the specific guidelines for these products will ensure safe and efficient results.  

If you pressure wash your home, a common rule of thumb is to never exceed 1000 psi. Anything over will “fur” the wood. This “fur” will show up as dark residue after staining and will ruin the finish of the cabin. Any furring will need to be sanded over until the log is smooth.

Cleaning the logs will begin with an application of a toxic free log wash. This should be sprayed on by a low pressure sprayer while adhering to the manufacturers’ application guidelines. It’s important to remember, only apply what you can remove in the time allotted for that product. Doing one wall at a time is ideal. If you have trouble spots, a soft bristle brush can be used to scrub the sections.  

Interior care for your cabin can be done by simply keeping the space properly dusted and free of cobwebs or anything that may lie against the logs. If properly sealed, the interiors’ only real wear would become visible from outside UV or water damage. Interior cleaning solutions such as 4 parts warm water, 2 parts mineral oil, and 1 part vinegar can be used to remove any smoke or dirt buildup that may have accumulated.  

Log cabin interior wood cleaning
Cleaning log cabin interior
log home gutter cleaning, pressure washing
Keep log home gutters clean

Log cabin exterior gutters should always be kept free of dirt, debris, and most importantly, leaf build up. Most of these beautiful homes are surrounded by some sort of trees or shrubbery and keeping dead brush out of the gutters is extremely important. Spring and Fall cleaning is highly encouraged in order to stay ahead of any clogging issues you may face. Clogs lead to leaks which result in log damage. Take this one seriously each year.

There is nothing worse than staring out your home upon a view obstructed by dirty windows. Sometimes this chore is overlooked, but the difference it makes once done is second to none. Use caution when working around heights and utilize extensions in order to mitigate risk when cleaning.  

In summary, Log Home Cleaning is a necessary part of proper home care. It may not be the most exciting task in the world, but in order to stand out among other homes in your area, while preserving and protecting your home, it is key. We at Mountain Media Blasting proudly offer all of these services in our Log Home Maintenance programs, but if you ever need direction or places to purchase supplies, we are always here to help. Best of luck and remember with cabin care, consistency in log cabin cleaning lowers costs significantly when it’s time to reapply stain!