How Much Does Sandblasting Cost?

December 21, 2021

Sandblasting, dustless blasting, and alternative media blasting costs vary from surface to surface and from the condition of the surface when blasted. Some general rules of thumb are things like the thicker the rust, the more layers of paint, and ease of accessibility to blast will always play a role in the pricing of Abrasive Blasting projects. Below we have listed the current national averages for blasting alone. These are base prices that we use to begin our bidding process.

Base Prices for Sandblasting


When sandblasting smaller areas, for example vehicle frames, car wheels, trailers, fire hydrants, and dump truck beds, we will bid to complete the job. Our field estimators will evaluate the same variables such as ease of access to entire media blasting site, clean up area, and then make a recommendation on what the entire length of blast will be. Once these factors and any others are added up, the team will present the client with a properly prepared bid at a competitive price to the consumer. Some sand blasting averages have been added below. Remember these are just averages to give you an idea of costs and do not represent a direct quote. 

Sandblasting Project Average Cost 

ProjectAverage Cost
Tri Axle Dump Bed$1200
Car Shell$1100
Wheels/RIms$50 a unit
Small Trailers$700
Fire Hydrants$850

As you can see in the columns above, the size of the project sometimes has less effect on price when we are blasting things such as fire hydrants where clean-up and protection of connections and surfaces are vital to the first responders that rely on them. This is why Mountain Media Blasting always prefers bidding on projects after seeing either pictures or, preferably, in person. One of the main reasons our staff loves this work so much is that no two jobs are the same! So reach out to us today and let one of our certified professionals help you get a proper and fair price on your next project.